Friday, May 11, 2012


Sure, it's all about Vintage!  and I Promise, Vintage pictures, and blogging will be coming soon.  Ebay, family, Fibromyalgia has me doing a lot of juggling, it's hard to find time to show you my vintage finds, and repurposing vintage treasures.

The craft room has been "re arranged" at first to hold all my stash; but it became very apparent that Ebay items could no longer be done by the side of my bed. So...this is what it looks like now.  After a little more rearranging, shipping, and Shrek hanging a shelf, I'll do an after picture. 

But here's some before -

About half my collection of glassware to create with!

 I love my stash, and can't wait to get crafting!
This is one of my FAVORITE Finds at an auction.
Originally a lamp, I am turning it into a pillar holder

This Brass piece used to be on top of the Angel Base above.  I have a few ideas for this piece....but later for that.

Hard to see here, but this was a black wrought iron plant holder that would hang on a wall.  I've painted it, and am looking for just the right plate to add (instead of a plant), to hold a candle.

AND look how big the puppies are getting!

/After a long walk in the rain with two crazing puppies - soaking  wet

Max (on left) is exhausted!  Kayla is trying to convince him otherwise

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