Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Here's Another Treasure or Two...Vintage Vignette

#2 set this up on the back porch, just to make my "stuff" pile look nicer.  She does a great job!  A beautiful Wrought Iron and Metal Tole Magazine Rack, an old suit case (I'm thinking of putting chalkboard paint on it so you/we can write messages on the case!)  The birdcage on top of the suitcase is one of my favorites.  I have a few ideas in mind for that too.

AND We're do for a PUPPY Picture!

Puppies !  They're Growing and are Soooo much fun to watch

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I Am Consumed With My Treasures

After Estate Sailing and Tag Sailing, I am totally consumed with the new found treasures.  From research to shipping, I love it all, but it ends up taking time from the other things I love - Blogging!  

Here are some more of our finds from a few weekends ago:  This trip was extra special because my daughter, son-in-law, and granddaughter came on the adventure too!

Vintage Religious Items - One of our specialties

Arched Mirror With Gesso or Carved Flowers
Stuben-Like Tear Drop Glasses - Can you see the tear drop in the stem?
Etched Quadruple Silverplate Creamer
Etched Quadruple Silver Plate Sugar Bowl

There are a few more things, but a little bit of clean up is needed before the pictures.  

Stay Tuned For My Guest Blogger - Coming Soon!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Tag Sale Treasures ~ Off To A Good Start!

There were two tag sales I wanted to hit this morning; both started at 8:00 AM.  One caught my eye because it pictured Franciscan Rose Dinnerware and other collectibles; the other caught my eye for the costume jewelry and other antiques/collectibles.

After getting #4 and #5 off to school, I had one more charge left - that would be #2A - and we had a few hours to go till "drop off" time.

How do you get an elementary school child to get out of bed quickly?

Ask if she wants to go to a tag sale before school!

That certainly jump started this weekends Tag and Estate Sailing.  A stop at D & D for some egg and cheese wraps, then our journey 8 miles away with only 40 minutes to go....can we make it back in time?

This is what we found:
  Actually these were found on Thursday....while by myself ...
Vintage Tear Drop Glasses

TearWooden Towel Rack

Crescent Porcelain Dishes Marked Japan

Vintage Two-Piece Sherbert Dishes
Patterned Glass With Silver Plate Holder

Vintage Religous Items (My Specialty!)

Now, back to today, Friday - 8 Miles to go (one way) and 40 minutes.....
Pewter Sugar Bowl

Pewter Creamer
Pewter Tea Pot

Pewter Water Pitcher

     No, I wasn't on a pewter kick; they just happened to be available.

The best part, as we arrived to this sale, I gave the proverbial rules; don't touch anything, if you want to look at something let me know, and last, but not least....go see if you find anything you like.  The answer  "I already see it" - I hadn't even started looking yet, but I knew what she had her mind on!

This beautiful white antique "doll crate", as she
calls it!


        Taaaa Daaaaaa

And, just in case you're wondering????   We did make it back in time for "drop off" ~ with 4 minutes to spare!  Whooooooo Hoooooooo

From #2A's little fingers typing:  i love you nana

And I love you too~!  (BIG Smiles for BOTH of US)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I Went On A Treasure Hunt ~ Look What I Found!

As I've said before, this Blog was originally started to be All About Vintage in my Pink Victorian Dream Home, and I got sidetracked.  As promised, here is more of the VINTAGE.

I LOVE VINTAGE anything, and I love to use some of my vintage finds in everyday life.  There is a timeless beauty to the pieces; even the simplest item or design holds a piece of magic.

So here are some of the Vintage Finds that I've kept to use in my home, and to give YOU some ideas on what you can do with these easy to find, inexpensive items.

These are white pieces (milk glass or not), that are being collected for #1.  You can use any piece as a planter, or put a plant on the plate as a water catcher.  You could also add some pebbles or buttons to the planters and place votive candles on top.

           Vintage Aunt Jemimah Syrup Bottles and 
an old Toaster
Just pieces I liked, and placed on top of our cabinets.

 A clear glass compote leftover
from when we sold at the flea market
(same as Aunt Jemimah and the Toaster), that we use as a fruit bowl, or trifle bowl; we have others that we place plants in.  The saucers were priced anywhere from .25 cents to $1.00.  I use these as dishes
to feed Molly (the Chihuahua), to hold potted plants, paint palletes when I'm crafting, or to make some tiered platters.

Little Miss Molly

Remember Lazy Suzanne's?  We never had one at our house when I was growing up, but some friends did, and I thought it was the neatest thing.  Picked this up for $2.  The napkin holder is adorable, a pain in the neck to put the napkins in, but I Love it anywhere.  I think I got that at a rummage sale.

Shrek's Stein Collection
Vintage Decanter, Cocktail Mixer and Mini Binoculars
(These are some of Shrek's favorites, and I'm not
allowed to sell them)

Well I was hoping to include pic's of the puppy(ies), and more stuff, but afternoon got away from me and some of the pic's posted sideways :(.  But that makes for another post coming soon!  Next on the list - Checking out Estate Sales for this weekend!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day - Free Gifts To Give Yourself!

Circa 1997'ish - They are now 25, 23, 19,
17, and 16
Happy Mother's Day to all the Mother's out there, AND to those Women who Mother and Nurture other's children!  As difficult, frustrating, and challenging being a Mom can be, I know none of us would change it for anything in the world.  Because, yes, there are those moments (notice I didn't say days or weeks LOL) that you look at your children and who they have become, and you realize that all of those yuckier moments were well worth the Pride, Love, and Joy you feel inside.  To All of My Kids.  I Love You All.  You Are All Special In Your Own Unique Way!

My Mom and Dad on their First Christmas
I Love and Miss you Both
I remember one day driving somewhere and crying because of what one of my children were going through, and there was really nothing I could do about it.  I just wanted everything they were going through to go away.  As I cried, I wondered if I ever did or went through anything that made my mother cry like I was.  Then I Cried HARDER!  Because I knew there were things I went through and things I did that made her cry.  Happy Mother's Day Mom!  I love you.      

     Now, let's face it....there are those Father's that say "You're not my mother, why should I get you anything?" (shame, shame, shame!  they have mothered and nurtured your child and for THAT you should be Thankful, Grateful and full of Love for the Mother of your Child.)  So to those "men" out there...change your attitude!

But to All The Moms Out There - give to yourself.  honor yourself.
This is getting posted late in the day...But you Can Honor Yourself Everyday!

#2 wanted to take a hike up to Noble View
It was Beautiful

I know this is cliche', but stop and smell the flowers.

Stop and look at the beauty of the flowers; really stop and look.

Sit outside, get comfy, and close your eyes.  

The View
Me and 2A sitting on the rock.

Feel the sun warm your skin; feel the breeze caress your face.

Hear the rustling of the leaves, the chirping of the birds,
the chatter of the squirrels.

See the Bird!

Take time to spend with those you love; you don't have to do anything (which is best!), just enjoy each other, even if in silence.

Me and #2 We had a great time up at Noble View
(I did get to go to Church with #1, have a Mother's Day Breakfast at church,
and sit outside and just be together...the rest of the kids were 

#2 and 2A Sitting on the Seat - On The Rock

Doing these simple things bring such peace and happiness.  Enjoy!

No Blog Would Be Complete Without a Picture of the Puppies!

Future Son-In-Law With the Pups....Ginger is the Puggle

Friday, May 11, 2012


Sure, it's all about Vintage!  and I Promise, Vintage pictures, and blogging will be coming soon.  Ebay, family, Fibromyalgia has me doing a lot of juggling, it's hard to find time to show you my vintage finds, and repurposing vintage treasures.

The craft room has been "re arranged" at first to hold all my stash; but it became very apparent that Ebay items could no longer be done by the side of my bed. So...this is what it looks like now.  After a little more rearranging, shipping, and Shrek hanging a shelf, I'll do an after picture. 

But here's some before -

About half my collection of glassware to create with!

 I love my stash, and can't wait to get crafting!
This is one of my FAVORITE Finds at an auction.
Originally a lamp, I am turning it into a pillar holder

This Brass piece used to be on top of the Angel Base above.  I have a few ideas for this piece....but later for that.

Hard to see here, but this was a black wrought iron plant holder that would hang on a wall.  I've painted it, and am looking for just the right plate to add (instead of a plant), to hold a candle.

AND look how big the puppies are getting!

/After a long walk in the rain with two crazing puppies - soaking  wet

Max (on left) is exhausted!  Kayla is trying to convince him otherwise