Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I Went On A Treasure Hunt ~ Look What I Found!

As I've said before, this Blog was originally started to be All About Vintage in my Pink Victorian Dream Home, and I got sidetracked.  As promised, here is more of the VINTAGE.

I LOVE VINTAGE anything, and I love to use some of my vintage finds in everyday life.  There is a timeless beauty to the pieces; even the simplest item or design holds a piece of magic.

So here are some of the Vintage Finds that I've kept to use in my home, and to give YOU some ideas on what you can do with these easy to find, inexpensive items.

These are white pieces (milk glass or not), that are being collected for #1.  You can use any piece as a planter, or put a plant on the plate as a water catcher.  You could also add some pebbles or buttons to the planters and place votive candles on top.

           Vintage Aunt Jemimah Syrup Bottles and 
an old Toaster
Just pieces I liked, and placed on top of our cabinets.

 A clear glass compote leftover
from when we sold at the flea market
(same as Aunt Jemimah and the Toaster), that we use as a fruit bowl, or trifle bowl; we have others that we place plants in.  The saucers were priced anywhere from .25 cents to $1.00.  I use these as dishes
to feed Molly (the Chihuahua), to hold potted plants, paint palletes when I'm crafting, or to make some tiered platters.

Little Miss Molly

Remember Lazy Suzanne's?  We never had one at our house when I was growing up, but some friends did, and I thought it was the neatest thing.  Picked this up for $2.  The napkin holder is adorable, a pain in the neck to put the napkins in, but I Love it anywhere.  I think I got that at a rummage sale.

Shrek's Stein Collection
Vintage Decanter, Cocktail Mixer and Mini Binoculars
(These are some of Shrek's favorites, and I'm not
allowed to sell them)

Well I was hoping to include pic's of the puppy(ies), and more stuff, but afternoon got away from me and some of the pic's posted sideways :(.  But that makes for another post coming soon!  Next on the list - Checking out Estate Sales for this weekend!

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