Friday, May 18, 2012

Tag Sale Treasures ~ Off To A Good Start!

There were two tag sales I wanted to hit this morning; both started at 8:00 AM.  One caught my eye because it pictured Franciscan Rose Dinnerware and other collectibles; the other caught my eye for the costume jewelry and other antiques/collectibles.

After getting #4 and #5 off to school, I had one more charge left - that would be #2A - and we had a few hours to go till "drop off" time.

How do you get an elementary school child to get out of bed quickly?

Ask if she wants to go to a tag sale before school!

That certainly jump started this weekends Tag and Estate Sailing.  A stop at D & D for some egg and cheese wraps, then our journey 8 miles away with only 40 minutes to go....can we make it back in time?

This is what we found:
  Actually these were found on Thursday....while by myself ...
Vintage Tear Drop Glasses

TearWooden Towel Rack

Crescent Porcelain Dishes Marked Japan

Vintage Two-Piece Sherbert Dishes
Patterned Glass With Silver Plate Holder

Vintage Religous Items (My Specialty!)

Now, back to today, Friday - 8 Miles to go (one way) and 40 minutes.....
Pewter Sugar Bowl

Pewter Creamer
Pewter Tea Pot

Pewter Water Pitcher

     No, I wasn't on a pewter kick; they just happened to be available.

The best part, as we arrived to this sale, I gave the proverbial rules; don't touch anything, if you want to look at something let me know, and last, but not least....go see if you find anything you like.  The answer  "I already see it" - I hadn't even started looking yet, but I knew what she had her mind on!

This beautiful white antique "doll crate", as she
calls it!


        Taaaa Daaaaaa

And, just in case you're wondering????   We did make it back in time for "drop off" ~ with 4 minutes to spare!  Whooooooo Hoooooooo

From #2A's little fingers typing:  i love you nana

And I love you too~!  (BIG Smiles for BOTH of US)


Angie Marie Photography said...

aww! I love it! and #2A...GOOD PICK!! I would have gravitated to that too =)

Annie said...

Oh yes...and your's is #1A lol