Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Please Please Please Please Please ... Lake House?

   Well here we go, we're plunging into "The Lake House".  We've decided on the house by a lake - definitely, we've been spoiled over the past 20 years, but for taking a step back ??.....This is a pretty damn good step back.

     So say a few prayers and keep your fingers crossed that this works out .... I've got our first daughter's wedding coming up in 6 Months!  That's where I want my mind to be.

Keep you posted!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Selling, Renting, Packing, Moving - Chaos

Obviously this whole ordeal, along with the holidays, Fibro, and family life, have kept me from blogging.


Reality hits - Fibromyalgia severely impacted my ability to work; listening to my body, to avoid the cycle of push, crash, burn, meant I called out sick and had to limit my hours.  Two years ago, I left my job.  To keep this "short story" short, aside from many other details, we have to sell our house - Our Pink House :(  Boooooo, and Rent a house till we get back on track.

      Of course, that just means another adventure which my ADD has a love / hate relationship with - love adventure and change, but it also leaves me a bit apprehensive.

House showings - clean house - start to pack - holidays - pack some more - no more auctions ( boooo  :( ) / buying because we don't want to have to pack and move extra stuff.  I have PLENTY of my Stuff to pack.

      So now the search for a new home that fits our multi-generational, large family, has become a bit of a challenge.  We are limited with $$$ to pay for rent, need 5 BRs, a place to keep our business going (and growing!), preferably with some land so we can have some peace and seclusion.  Am I in Dream World?  Yeah, I think so.  Oh Did I Mention We Have 3 Dogs???

        In one of my blogs, I said I'd keep you posted as we went on this journey, and until now, I was reluctant to share, as this "reality" is a tough one to share.  It's a bit disappointing, depressing, and challenging.        

        As a family, we are all trying to adjust to what is happening.  We LOVE our Pink House; as #5 said "This is the first house I felt "At Home"".  

So, these are the houses we've checked out.  One house that sits on 9 acres has been for sale for a while, but they will not rent; another house on the lake is very tempting, but we'd be a little cramped and that can create tension amongst my clan; another one that fits Everything our family needs, but it's a bit farther away.  WHAT TO DO, WHAT TO DO, WACK A DO, WACK A DO.

Yes, I am going insane.  Wish Us Luck!