Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Washington DC / Virginia Trip - In Photos

Last Friday, we drove home from our DC / Virginia Trip.  I was hoping to Blog and share these pictures while we were there, but between enjoying the visit and being tired (Fibromyalgia?), it just didn't happen.  Surprisingly enough, this past week, I realized that as much as I want to keep this Blog going on a more regular basis, Life Is For Living, Enjoying Your Loved Ones, and Honoring Where Your Body Is.  So finally, without further ado, here's the photo's!

Believe it or not, the steps from the gate twisted and turned
to get to the house that you can see in the upper left corner.

Another Georgetown Beauty!

I love this Look!

I have heard so much about how quaint Georgetown is, and about the Georgetown Flea Market, I had to make this a priority visit.  It is quaint, unfortunately, we were there during the extreme heat (heat index 112!), and this day was no exception.  I forgot to take a picture of the Flea Market.

Magnolia Tree - My Favorite
Can you believe how big the flower is?

Did I mention how hot it was?  We walked and walked looking for a Johnny Rockets.  This is the first thing I ordered:
2, 2A, and 2-1 When we first got to Johnny Rockets.
Tired and Extremely Hot - you can see 2 saying What
are you doing?  Taking my picture??

Look how they bring you a dish to hold your ketchup!  It's the little things in life, and my dad always said "Presentation makes a difference"

Me, Colleen, and 2A sitting on a COW BENCH outside Ben and Jerrys!  Colleen is my long time friend with whom I have the "Cow" joke going on, so this was a MUST HAVE Picture.

DC Cupcakes!  The line was looooonnnnnng.  I was happy with this picture.

My name is Anne, or Annie, after my Grandma Annie Smith who came over to America with 5 kids, one of whom was my mother.  So of course, anything "Annie" is a draw for me.  Thank Goodness #2 found this.  When I went into the door, and peaked downstairs, all I saw were clothes, and because it was hot, I just wanted to keep walking.  Thank Goodness, again, for Colleen, because she got me to go all the way down stairs and look what we found! 

Love the vintage look!  And 2 tried on this Pink Dress.  She looked like a 1950's school girl going to a dance!

            2A's choice was this:  

 I Love this store, and the young ladies working at the boutique were Lovely!

Down through Georgetown we saw:

See Marilyn in the upper right window?

Look what they do for dogs - a water dish
(and seats for humans).  Several shops offered this respite.

And Back home we went - up the hill in the heat

But once at home (back at Col's) we relaxed with:


2A with Ray and Charlie

Thank you to my Friend Colleen and her hubby for allowing us to room at their place!  Love you!