Monday, February 6, 2012

YES! I Love My Pink Home (Clutter and All!)

Warning !  Images Include Clutter and Evidence of a very Busy Home

 Thanks to a twitter friend, who posted on “Do You Love Your Home? I Do! Lets Talk”, I was reminded of how I wanted to share how much I LOVE My Home. Although there's a lot, and I mean a lot, that really needs to be updated on it. As you can well imagine, with the craziness of a household with 5 kids, 2 significant others, 2 grand kids, 3 cats, one dog, a “spoonie” mom and a dad, coming and going, not a whole lot gets done. That fact absolutely drives me crazy, but I know some day, the house will get quiet (we're almost there!) and I will miss this crazy mess.

      We moved to this quaint New England town about 17 years ago, and I remember driving past this house almost every day (it's on a main route). It spoke to me, if you know what I mean. At that time, the shingles were a dark brown. The house kinda looked mysterious, which is probably what drew me to it. Little did I know, 13 years later, we would be moving into this home, which is now painted PINK! (The picture on top of my blog is my home during spring)

      I remember the first day we looked at the house with the realtor. I had butterflies in my stomach as I walked up the stairs to the wide, wrap around Victorian porch; I went slow, took in every detail, savored every moment. I could not believe we were even considering purchasing this home. I was already in love with it; I was in love with it 13 years before.

      The house is 114 years old, and has every bit of character you could imagine, including an invisible guest who is very respectful. Original wood flooring; the old wibbely, wobbly windows; tin ceiling in the kitchen; pipes that bubble and glurp when the washing machine is going, 5 bedrooms (one even has a fireplace in it!) and a bathroom on the 2nd floor; a full stair case up to the 3rd floor, aka, the attic, where there is a large loft area, 1 bedroom, and a bathroom.

Kitchen looking in from back door - Tin Ceiling and Stairs on the left lead to Foyer

Looking in from the LR Entrance

Looooong Livingroom

Dining Room at Thanksgiving

Two-Way Stairs - Into the Foyer and into the Kitchen

Foyer - With built in original bench and front door - DR to the left and LR to the right
When # 1 and 1A moved out in August, my husband and I moved up to the third floor. It is my serenity. As I said before, a lot of work needs to be done, and I'm tempted to post some of the yucky pictures, that way, you can journey with me as we are able to decorate and update. I think I'll post some of the nice pictures first, then some of they yucky ones. Even with the many projects ahead of us, and the clutter from 8 people, I walk around this home and feel like we are meant to be here.
Stairs to attic - mid rennovation

Daughter 1 repainted this room.  This is the front window top left.

She did a great job on that room; it is now my craft room, and i'll post a picture when I get some more cleaning done up here.  I cannot find any of our first pictures which showed the front of the house a little better than the one at the top.  But here's a picture of the back!

Do you Love Your Home? Please share!

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Anonymous said...

Great post! I doubt the world is ready to see the interior of my house, but I do love it! Love you, too. Donna :)