Friday, February 24, 2012

Joyce Meyer Tweets - Simple But Speak Volumes

This past week I've been busy with selling ebay items, organizing papers, my husband having lapband surgery (he's doing great!), and the kids being home on school vacation, so I've been very lax with my Blog, Tweets, and Pinterest. This bothers me, just a little, because it has become part of who I am (a Blog post on that in the near future); I'm just starting to learn how to juggle it.

In the meantime, I decided to post a Blog with some of my recently favorite Joyce Meyers Tweets. Simple, but speaks volumes. Many of these “spoke” to me. I hope you find meaning, peace, understanding or something from them as well.

Let me know which ones you like the best!

If you're not taking care of your thoughts and words, then you're wide open to the enemy. (Prov 25:28)

Are you frequently frustrated, upset or misunderstood? Learn how God’s Word can provide stability in your life: (check it out!)

Let the Word of God have the final say in your decisions.

Choose to do what is right no matter how you may feel.

Coffee ~ God's Word ~ Love

Your mess can be your ministry if you’ll have a positive attitude and let everything you go through prepare you for what’s ahead.

If you're too busy for God, then it's time to change your schedule.

Everything God ever asks you to do, even if it’s difficult, He asks because He has something great in mind for you.

What costs us very little may mean a lot to someone else. Take time to bless others even in the small ways

When you stay in peace, the devil doesn't know what to do with you.

Before you judge someone else, stop and think about all that God has forgiven you for.

Happy Valentine’s Day! May God’s love mean more to you than all the flowers and chocolates in the world!

If you’re going to do anything great for God, you have to take chances. You have to be courageous!

Deposit yourself with God, trust Him to meet all your needs, and get busy loving out loud!

Ask God to fill your mouth with the words you need to say today. No issue is so small that it doesn’t require God’s wisdom.

Don't judge others. God likes variety and we've all got our own little brand of "strangeness."

Place your desires before God. Pray about them and trust God to give them to you if and when they’re right for you.

Remember to give thanks to the beautiful Artwork God Does for us~!

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