Saturday, November 10, 2012

Lots of Goodies To Process!

     Even with help from my lovely assistant, Beckie, sorting, researching, writing up a description, measuring, weighing .... yikes it still takes forever!  Trying to keep the house somewhat clean for house showings and other inconveniences keep getting in the way.

1950s era Doe & Fawn Table Lamp
So Peaceful

     Part of the problem is that some of our stuff is on the 3rd floor and some is on the first - no room to have it all in one place, and there's better atmosphere on the first floor for pictures.

Gorgeous 1900s Wrought Iron Lamp

As you can tell from our listings, we're into lamps and light fixtures.  Working on changing it up.

One of My Favorite Items To Find
Reverse Painted Foil Art

Soon to come, a somewhat large selection of vintage Indian Souvenir Dolls.  Brings back memories of the dolls I got as souvenirs.  What a feeling, to have memories come back, just from holding/seeing something you had as a child.

Still A Favorite Through the Ages - Charlie Brown

Also waiting to be listed from our Auction adventure  vintage signed and unsigned costume jewelry; great designs!

Vintage books, a salt glaze salt crock, and a Flip Wilson / Geraldine Doll.

Still no luck on finding a good place to live and properly run our business, but I know God has a special place in mind for us.  We just need to Trust, Be Patient, and Wait for His Time.

Checking out some upcoming auctions, and estate sales so we can keep bringing you  vintage Treasures!



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GaretT_T said...

wow these are wonderful. i am into collecting antique stuff and as well as a antique jewelry buyer and i find these chandelier lovely.thanks for posting.