Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Ahhh Finally I'm able to get you a sneak peak of the treasures we got at the Wintergarden Auction http://wintergardenauction.com/ Saturday!  Between the Fibro and a large, busy family, it's a bit challenging to blog and run a small business. But me and Beckie are working out the kinks....without further adou ....

A view of the few items left near the end of the auction.
I forgot to take pictures earlier in the auction.

"Some" of our stash; but you'll have to wait to see the wrought iron chandeliers,
the 1920's Acme Doll and other goodies.

I like to sit in the back of the auction so I can see who is bidding on what.  I took careful notes of what we wanted to get and the highest I wanted to bid.  Chuck raised the paddle for me because his reflexes are in better shape than mine. 

      The funniest part was we had a signal - I would "jab" him if I wanted him to go higher on something.  The auctioneer held up three vintage black dolls, pictured above, and he kept saying black dolls, and no one wants the black dolls; Chuck says "That's bad" or something like that so I "Jabbed" him, and we won the bid!  Actually the baby in the leopard pj's is adorable (a Dee Bee Doll from 1929) and who dosn't remember Flip Wilson and Geraldine! Don't worry ... he raised the paddle on a few things HE wanted, even when I said no...all good fun!

Coming very soon are the Ebay and Etsy Postings.  Stay tuned....

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