Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Horse Drawn Carriage, The Whole Family, & One Tree

     WOW!  We haven't gone looking for our tree like this in a long time.  It was usually going down to a farm stand, all the kids standing by the tree they felt was best, tie it to the roof, and head home. Along with the typical arguing about whose tree was best and/or got chosen.

     All Five Kids and Two Grandkids on a horse drawn carriage through the field, singing Christmas Carols.

For some reason, they trusted me with
the'll see why down the page

Our Escorts Luke and ?
Our Resident Photographer who was graciously taking
pictures, so she wasn't in them

Check out her Amazing Photos!

Angie Marie Photography

They're Off and Running ... Another First, in a long time, if ever ...

There was more laughter, and no arguing ...


And THIS is why they let me get the saw ...
Notice she's laughing... 

Last but not least .... our Tree Waterer

After we decorate it, I'll post some pics...this sucker is HUGE!

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Angie Marie Photography said...

Hahhaa I love this! Totally awesome and totallu US!