Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Holiday Crash

Well, those of you with a Chronic Condition know the cycle push and crash.  I certainly pushed, gently, through Thanksgiving, and more for Christmas.  To top it off, for the past three years, this year included, I organized the Oplatek Dinner at our church, St. Joseph's National Catholic Church.  That just pushed me  way over the edge of the cycle.  For the first time ever, I questioned was it worth it.  Thanksgiving and Christmas yes, as I monitored the pushing.  Oplatek was just full steam ahead.

Did I/we have fun?  OH MY GOSH Yes!  But I have never felt so much pain, diiscomfort, and complete body exhaustion.  Here it is Wednesday, and I am just beginning to think I'll tackle some of this bedroom, and maybe, just maybe, get some pictures up here!  What is the Oplatek Dinner?  I'll either write another blog on it or put it as a page?  Haven't played with that yet.  P.S.  On this Oplatek Dinner adventure, I had the help and adventure with two very good friends.  I'll call them Gypsy Queen and Traveling Rose.  You'll hear more of our advenetures in the future.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ann! Love your posts, just finished reading several before I start my day. Especially liked the blog about the christmas shoes! I had a similar experience with Jill with Edward Scissorhands. Can totally relate to what you post - Will be following you soon (cant do it from work - lol) Love ya! Donna