Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Never Ending Day of a #spoonie

Today is a day I feel will never end.  So much happening and so much logistical work.  Hubby wasn't sure he could fix the 2nd problem with the truck, so I took #2 to work, so we at least had her car.  But now....Hubby fixed truck - YAY - he's at work, and I'm juggling Dr. appt. with #4, kids that want rides after school, #3 has to get to college to get at least one of his books, and also check with financial aid because his book voucher has not arrived, then to pick up #2 from work at 5....OH SHIT (excuse) and remember to pick up grand child (2A)  at 3 ...key word is "remember".  Scarry thought.

Since none of this was planed or expected, my body and mind is completely overwhelmed.  Thank God my husband is a true gift in my life.  He is patient (most of the time...it's hard with a #spoonie), kind, and understanding of the help I need, even if it seems trivial or simple.  A phone call to him, I completely dump all the anxious thoughts running through my head.  He listens and gives me a timeline to work with for the day....phew......my head begins to slow down a little bit.  Now for a simple Lifetime movie while I fold some laundry.

One day in the life of a #spoonie.

Spoonie:  A person living with a chronic illness that is painful and or causes complete and utter fatigue.  The "The Spoon Theory" was told by Christine Miserandino on www.youdontlooksick.com to explain what it is like to live with this type of chronic illness.  We must manage where we put our energy, and what tasks we do.  Please check out this explanation, it exlains it perfectly.  There's a purple tab on the top of the page that says "The Spoon theory"

ahhhhh writing is so theraputic!  God is Good, and I am truly blessed!

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