Friday, March 12, 2010

Here's One On the Cuff

A little delayed on getting the pictures of my favorite pieces that I kept from our Flea Market Days taken and uploaded. As I was taking pictures, though, my heart was racing, and butterflies floated in my stomach as I gathered all the pieces to take the pictures....I look at them every day and take them for granted, so it was nice to raise that passion again. Pictures Tonight!

Just started doing research on one of the sections I'll be blogging on - Route 10 / 202 Antique and Collectible Shops (Thinking of a catchy name for it, though!)...there are 5 Shops within a 20 mile stretch right on Route 10/202 (and I've been to 4) ! That's not including another 5 or more less than a mile off the main path. So keep your eyes open to come on a kind of virtual road trip with me .... Coming Mid-April.

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