Friday, December 7, 2012

What's The Next Best Thing To Going To Auction?

UPDATE:  1/18/2013.  I did enjoy this auction, comfortable place to go, nice items, somewhat reasonable prices.  I was $5.13 short, and I was going to mail them a check - no problem.  The next day I realized I left my "lot" of salt and pepper shakers about $40 worth.  Although I was emailed back to call and set up a time, between Fibro, holidays, selling house, it took a while for me to call.  Left two messages - no response.  So even though I'm out $40'ish, I still feel bad about not sending the $5.13 check.  Anyway....hence no further pictures or blogs on this Auction House.

Go to an Auction House you've never been to before!

I cannot wait to go tomorrow morning to the preview, and hopefully, if what I'm interested in looks good, I'll be bidding.

Swinging Bridge Auction House, Here I Come!

Hopefully we'll have some pictures of our
 treasures by Sunday Evening!

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