Monday, March 5, 2012

EXCITING Weekend At The Pink House!

What a Great Weekend We had!  It started Saturday morning when Shrek and I went and got a Starbucks coffee, and headed out to two Estate Sales.  It was a little late to be heading out at 9 AM, but it didn't matter to me; I was excited just to be going.  

As it turns out, the house was just about empty of it's vintage "stuff", but it's not just the contents of the house that I love meandering through, but sometimes the houses themselves are so interesting.  Case in point...this house.  It was an older house with beautiful woodwork, a finished attic that had windows looking out to a park, and a nice porch with a church pew as a bench.  

Sometimes it's the stuff that no one wants, that's the best; at least in my opinion.  I found some interesting things:  A Wooden Jewish Match It/Memory Educational game, vintage pack of Hearts cards, two vintage packs of airline playing cards, a ballerina with a tulle and lace tutu on a post that spins, marked Japan and a Lenox Loving Hearts Treasure Trinket Box.  All soon to be on ebay!  

Then on Sunday, we / #4 got a puppy, and so did #2, who lives with us....So there are now 2 adorable Border Collies living with us, Maxwell (#2's) and Kayla (#4's).  

Kayla on the Left and Maxwell on the Right
Call me Crazy (as #1 did!), (and my brother calls me Mrs. Doolittle) but it is very exciting to have the puppies.  #4 plans on obedience training and showing, as well as agility and possibly frisbee, and I'm looking forward to working with her and sharing in this sport.  #2's happy because she now has a jogging partner, and she and her family like to hike and do things outdoors.

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